Joint Health plus UC-II

Contains Glucosamine HCl (Glucosamine hydrochloride) to lubricate and comfort the sore joints…….

FFA Fish Oil 600

Maximum absorption of EPA/DHA in FFA form
High concentration: 60% EPA & DHA per gram……

Children DHA+Lutein

Purified algae DHA from Martek®. Vegetarian source.
Worldwide patented FloraGLO® Lutein, easiest form to absorb…


Complete vitamin B group, added in sufficient amount to promote metabolism. Add taurine to enhance physical strength……

Probiotic 66

Each capsule contains 6.6 billion Unique IS-2 TM patented bacteria.Maintain digestive tract function……

FlexPower brand vision

In our vision, a GOOD dietary supplement must possess the following characteristics

“Easy to absorb”, “No side effects”, and “No artificial additives”.

As a result, we started the brand FLEXPOWER, aiming at providing the top quality and setting up the highest benchmark in the nutrition market.

Although every brand claims their products are good or best, consumers in the market still search for a good product.